Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the centre, though not the boundary, of the affections.
(Science and Health, p. 58)

Moving many times in her life, Mary Baker Eddy had a deep love for home — both as a place and as an idea. In her writings, words she associates with “home” include: heaven, peace, the interchange of love, pure humanity, an open hand, heavenly rest.

As a Christian Scientist, specific things one might consider about home and housing may include:

  • Is the atmosphere uplifting and the environment conducive to prayer and spiritual growth?
  • Is it located near a church and/or other Christian Scientists?
  • How easily can you access online Christian Science resources —  lectures, periodicals, podcasts, or church services?

Because there are so many ways home can be expressed, this section identifies a number of options to consider: living on your own, with family, with a housemate, or in a community. Within each option are a variety of resources to help you explore — including website articles, publications, listings, checklists, and more.

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