Help at Home

Happy the man whose heart can rest, assured God’s goodness ne’er will cease;  Each day, complete, with joy is blessed,  God keepeth him in perfect peace.
(Hymn 93:1)

Sometimes circumstances change and require that we look at routine activities in a whole new way. As Christian Scientists, we know that how we choose to think about our daily activities around the home will significantly impact how we undertake and experience them.

This section includes many ideas for new ways of thinking about day-to-day life: caring for yourself and getting work done around the home. The resources in this section include everything from personal care, to how to do something you may have never done before (like cooking your own meals), to finding and hiring professionals to help with various tasks.

Whether we ourselves are glorifying God in the task, or whether we are accepting help from others, the blessing remains the same — that we can do so with joy and dominion!

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