Christian Science Care

When the Science of being is universally understood, every man will be his own physician, and Truth will be the universal panacea. (Science and Health, p 144:27)

Christian Science is a religious practice based on the Bible, especially the teachings of Christ Jesus. Mary Baker Eddy discovered the Science of Christianity, called Christian Science, which explains the underlying laws of God which form the basis of Jesus’ healings.

Today, Christian Scientists have found that turning to God helps establish health and well-being, improves character, and supports efforts to help others. There are many ways to seek and receive help to better one’s practice of this religion’s teachings.

For one assisting a Christian Scientist, these are ways you can support their desire for this form of care:

  • Help them find or create a setting that is conducive to quiet time and space for prayer.
  • Ensure that the individual has access to the Bible and Christian Science books and periodicals to support their study.
  • Encourage the individual to make time for his or her study.
  • Help the individual maintain active participation in church.
  • If there is a challenge (physical or otherwise), encourage the Christian Scientist to call a Christian Science practitioner to support the individual in prayer.
  • If physical care is needed, seek the help of a Christian Science nurse.

The resources in this section are intended primarily for the non-Christian Scientist who wants to help a Christian Scientist but may not be familiar with this approach to spiritual and practical care

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