Paying for Care

Trust His love whose sure supply meets all thy need abundantly. (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 6)

The Bible is full of stories in which needs are met in unexpected ways. The Old Testament story of Elisha helping a widow in debt (II Kings 4) and the New Testament story of Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes (Matthew 14) are just two such examples. The common element? Willingness to look beyond limited human circumstances to God’s abundant provision right now.

Experiencing a present sense of wholeness — physical, mental, social, and financial — is what Christian Science helps us do. The best place to start is in prayer. The Christian Science articles included on this page might also be useful. Additionally, this section explores resources which are available to help meet financial needs.

Generally, the sources we’ve identified fall into four categories:

  • Individual resources, such as different kinds of savings accounts
  • Insurance programs, such as Medicare or private insurance
  • Government assistance programs, often local or state-administered
  • Foundations and other charitable sources, such as the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing

The first resource below provides a chart showing which of these sources may support care as practiced by Christian Scientists. Be sure to also explore the other topics in this section.

For help thinking through these ideas, please call Caring for Christian Scientists at 800.930.3797.


Christian Science Journal and Sentinel Articles

These additional articles are available with a subscription.

Do your own internet search to discover more possible resources. Go to Google, Bing, or other search engines, then type in terms like these:

  • Does medicare pay for Christian Science nursing
  • Which insurance providers pay for Christian Science nursing
  • why do I need to pay for Christian Science nursing?
  • how much do Christian Science nurses charge
  • how much do Christian Science care facilities charge
  • what do nursing homes accept for payment
  • Does the government pay for nursing homes?

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