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The RiperYears website was created to provide a central online location where senior Christian Scientists and family members or friends (who might be assisting them) can find useful information.  There is a large volume of information that users can explore using the search function that appears at the top left of every page and the drop-down categories that appear to the right along the top navigation bar.  

This site offers information on housing, personal or household assistance, Christian Science nursing and care facilities, insurance, legal issues related to health care, and more. Wherever possible, we have included resources that are specifically affiliated with Christian Science. We have also included information on resources that are not affiliated with Christian Science but that might meet a practical need a Christian Scientist has.

We also share spiritual insights and Christian Science articles to frame each topic. And, for those friends and family helpers, we have given some guidance on what might be useful to know if you are not a Christian Scientist but find yourself in the role of helping someone seek practical solutions in one of these areas.  

A couple of notes about navigation:

  • A simple site map, located in the footer (on every page) of this website has been provided to assist with easily seeing all the topics you can explore.
  • The small blue “man” icon in the upper right of every page (appears only if you are using the site on a laptop or desktop computer) is an accessibility tool where you may adjust font size, brightness, and other features
  • Be aware that we share a number of resources external to the Christian Science movement. When you click on one of those, you will be taken away from this site. It’s useful to pay attention to which site you are on and how any site might or might not gather personal information or make recommendations you may or may not be interested in (see also the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy)
  • Although we have tried to include only external resources that we think are generally helpful, these websites may also contain pages that include medical or health related advertising and articles

RiperYears and the affiliated Call Center are administered by The Principle Foundation (TPF), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that promotes inspired benevolence in accordance with the teachings of Christian Science. TPF offers grants to individual Christian Scientists who have short-term financial needs, including providing grants to cover the costs of Christian Science nursing. All of TPF’s work focuses on Christian Scientists caring for one another.

If you have questions or feedback, please be in touch with us on the Contact Us link.

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